Dual Elegance USB Flash Drive

The Dual Elegance USB Stick is quite similar to the Dual Pro USB Stick, yet with a hint more finesse and elegance. Easy to handle and gorgeous looks, due to practical USB-A and USB-C ports, the swing-clip and the classy strip made out of fake leather. USB 3.0 Super Speed guarantees fast data transfer, means the Dual Elegance Pro meets all technical demands!

The silver metal clip can be branded individually with your logo or contact details, both sides, either as precise laser engraving or full color digital print. The ideal choice for companies, events or as a promotional item. With this high-class und sophisticated USB Stick in timeless elegant appearance you will for sure leave an impression.

Dual Elegance USB Stick Gallery

Product Details and Specifications

The Iron USB Stick is available with a storage capacity of 8 GB leading up to 64 GB. Lesser or higher capacities are available upon request.

The Dual Elegance USB Stick casing is available in the following colors:


65 x 17 x 10 mm (When Type c come out), 67 x 15 x 10 mm (when usb come out) – The silicin lanyard 40 mm

The Dual Elegance USB Stick can be full-color printed, silk-screen printed (1-4c), or engraving according to your wishes.

Print- / Engraving Area:

Print surface: 38 x 12 mm (Both sides)

A data storage solution for all scenarios and every operating system!

  • Super Speed USB 3.0
  • Reading speed: 50~100 MB/s  (depending on memory and file size)
  • Writing speed: 10~25 MB/s  (depending on memory and file size)
  • Compatible with Apple computers: OS X 10.5 to macOS 14 Sonoma or newer
  • Compatible with Windows PCs: Windows XP to Windows 11 or newer
  • Compatible with iOS and Android: USB adapter required (+ potentially applicable APPs)

USBFlash24.com exclusively uses high quality NAND Flash Drives by Samsung, Toshiba, Hynix, and Intel compared to many other suppliers.

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Product Options

Free Data Pre-Loading up to 1 GB

Along with your USB stick order, we offer to pre-load your presentations, product catalogues, or other data up to 1 GB for free! A small surcharge is applied for larger amounts of data.

Pre-loading data on promotional flash drives is becoming increasingly popular. When you buy branded memory sticks, you are also buying a lot of data storage, so why not make use of it by pre-loading your sales material and other key documents onto the sticks before they are distributed? This is an excellent option for promotional flash drives that are handed out at sales shows/events or for branded memory sticks that are given to delegates at the end of a conference, seminar, or press event.

With any flash drive, it is possible to create two “virtual” drives called partitions. The benefit of partitioning a drive is that you can pre-load and protect (lock so it cannot be deleted) your data while giving the user a separate partition for using as they please.

A partitioned USB drive works in exactly the same way as a non-partitioned drive except that it will appear as two separate “virtual” drives when inserted into a USB port of a PC or Mac – typically one will contain pre-loaded files that can be viewed but not deleted, the other drive will be left free for the user to load on any files they wish.

Packaging and Accessories

We’ve got a great range of Packaging Solutions and Accessories such as Brandable Boxes, Presentation Tins, Keyrings, and Lanyards.

Standard Service

Even our Standard Service offers short lead times! The following is an overview of the steps involved…

  • Data Check

    We offer to look over your data and correct it if necessary on the same day as you submit it!

  • Production

    This USB Memory Stick is manufactured within 5-10 business days of your print confirmation.

  • Shipping / Delivery

    Upon completion, your USB Sticks are shipped to your address within 2-4 business days – worldwide!

Not fast enough? Here you will find our USB Flash Drives that are available with our Express Service Option…